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Description : Alexander and Scott are getting ready to hit the gym until Scott tells Alexander that he can't wear those sweats into the gym because of his huge bulging cock. Alexander brushes it off but has a feeling Scott just wants to see his dick so he pulls it out and Scott starts to suck on the big uncut thick cock. Alexander than bends him over to warm up that ass with is wet eager tongue. After some great rimming Alexander fucks Scott in multiple positions until Scott can't take it anymore and blasts his built up load. Alexander has a surprise for Scott and it's his huge load being blasted all over his face.
Description : Adam is seeing his Doctor Ethan today for a routine checkup on his knee. Its been a few weeks since he's been able to run and hit the gym hard like he use too. Today should be the day he gets confirmation that he is good to go. Ethan does a very thorough check on his knee and hamstring. He has Adam take his shorts off but Adam isn't wearing any underwear which doesn't matter to Ethan since he's a Doctor anyways. Adam drops his shorts and reveals his hard cock. Ethan slowly makes his way up Adam's muscular thighs with his hands gently rubbing against his balls to perk Adam's interest. Adam doesn't seem to mind and so Ethan grabs his dick firmly with his hand and slowly strokes his hard throbbing cock. Adam is laid back loving each stroke and then he feels a warm mouth wrap around his dick. The Doctor is in and giving him the best BJ service he's ever hard. Ethan has Adam lay all the way down on the table while he puts a condom on and mounts his hard dick. Adam's dick is pointing straight up in the air as Ethan slowly sits down on his thick dick. Once deep inside he begins to ride and grind Adam making him moan and forgetting about any pain that may be left in his knee. Ethan eventually has Adam bend him over the table and fuck him doggy style until his ready to cum and wants to be flipped over on his back so he can bust his big nut. Adam has him on his back and Ethan let's all of this cum loose on his chest and once Adam feels that tight ass squeeze his cock as Ethan is cumming he pulls his dick out and cums all over Ethan's leg.
Description : Kory is in talks with his therapist about how he likes public sex and the thrill of being caught or someone watching. He can't get enough of the thrill and begins to explain in detail to his therapist his latest encounter at a clothing store. Kory was cruising the clothing store when he saw a super sexy man looking back at him. He followed him around the store until Angel gave him the nod and Kory followed him to the dressing room. No employees in sight so they went behind the curtain and he got down on his knees and began sucking Angel off. His beautiful uncut cock was driving Kory crazy as he yanked and nibbled on the foreskin while stroking his long shaft. He couldn't get enough of that dick and was in heaven as Angel began to face fuck him. Right in the middle of this hot encounter the employee calls out to them to make sure everything is all right which of course it is but that freaked out Angel so they stop and pull their pants up and head into the stock room for some more fun. Now in the stock room Angel rips Kory's pants off and bends him over the metal table and dives in face first lubing up his ass with his wet tongue. The encounter is intense and neither wants to get caught before they get the chance to fuck. Kory pulls out a condom and instantly Angel puts it on and slowly goes deep into that eager ass. Luckily for Kory Angel takes it easy on him in the beginning but once he is warmed up and his cock harder than a rock he goes deep and hard and from being bent over to having Angel flip him over onto his back and being fucked even more was everything plus more that Kory could ask for. Kory blasts a thick white nut on his chest and Angel leaves his juices all over him as well and they both scurry to put clothes back on and run out of the stock room before being caught. Enjoy!
Description : Billy is off on a long needed vacation to a cabin he rented deep in the woods. He thought it would be a great idea to get away from city life and all the daily drama but he finds himself lost on the road not being able to read a map as well as he thought and eventually makes it to the cabin where he finds out that it is pretty much a dump. He has no internet no nothing and begins to doubt himself. This could have been the worst idea Billy has ever acted on until a strong, tall hunk of a man shows up one day. Josh lives not far away from Billy and can see that he is a city slicker with no clue how to go about daily life out in country. He offers some friendly advice and lets him know that he can come by anytime he wants. Bugs are frequent, the heat is insane and the humidity is driving Billy crazy. He goes to meet up with Josh to see if he can help him with cutting some wood for a fire later but Josh tells him the wood is soggy from the hot rains the other night and that he should wait another day before cutting it. Billy agrees and walks off into the dense country side. Minutes go by than hours as he realizes that he is lost and can't find his way out of the thick brush. He yells for help but nobody is around for miles and his frustration kicks in amidst the uncanny heat he is facing. It's becoming darker and darker so he finds a spot to lie down and uses an old palm tree flon to cover himself up with. Josh can't find Billy at his cabin and begins to worry that the city boy has lost his way so he goes out to find him and sees him passed out on the dense woodsy ground from possibly dehydration. He lifts him up and takes him back to his cabin where he undresses him and waits for him to wake up. Finally Billy wakes up confused but coherent and thanks Josh for saving him. Billy has wanted Josh since they first met and now is the best time to make his move. Billy moves in for the kiss and they both begin to caress and kiss all over each other's hot steamy bodies. It's a sultry man on man fantasy where Billy gets all he wants from the country boy and fucks him passionately. They both gaze into each other's eyes as they fondle, suck and worship one another's chiseled bodies. The intimate passion finally concludes with both sexy men releasing the built up cum residing in their balls all over Josh's chest. Looks like Billy might be cuming back to his cabin retreat for some more relaxation.

Description : Zeke is new to the area and what better places to explore and meet people then the local bar. Zeke is timid and very shy so he casual walks around the bar until he finds an open seat. The locals have never seen him and are giving him dirty looks which is starting to make Zeke feel just a little uncomfortable. He orders his drink to calm himself down and as he enjoys it he notices an older gentleman across the bar giving him the sexy eye and not the stink eye. Zeke smiles nervously at the man who is in his 40s and at that point he comes over and sits next to him and introduces himself as Max. Max is a high roller and dressed for success. After some small chat he asks Zeke how much which confuses the shit out of him until he realizes that Max meant for sex. They clear up the mishap and they leave the bar together and head back to Max's hotel room where Zeke is still nervous but following Max's lead. Max reassures him that everything will be fine and not to worry but to take off his clothes and get ready to be face fucked. Max is eager to fuck this young ass and mouth and he wastes no time in doing so as he utilizes every hole Zeke has for his own gain. Max is strong and pounds that tight ass deep and hard until he cums all over Zeke and quickly leaving to clean up but not after he leaves him an envelope full of cash which Zeke wasn't expecting.

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