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Description : Adrian Hart gets out his favorite toys just for you and gives a memorable show for your pleasure.
Description : Aaron Trainer is at the resort lounging by the pool when Adrian Hart shows up and gets in the pool. They strike up some conversation with each other and Aaron joins him in the pool. They then venture to the room where the passion heats up and their massive big cocks are hard as a rock. Aaron sucks Adrian's big cock deep down his throat and then moves to Adrian's ass where he rims him. Adrian then sucks Aaron's big hard cock before lying on his stomach and letting Aaron fuck him deep. Adrian then rides Aaron's cock and then Aaron puts Adrian on his back and fucks the cum out of him and then he pulls out and shoots all over Adrian.
Description : They are back in the bedroom and Aston Springs is asking if the photo that Adrian Hart showed him of his cock is for real. Adrian assures him it is and they start making out. Aston pulls it out and is happy to see it is as big as he expected and he starts sucking Adrian. He tries to take it all but struggles and we see cock sucking tears on his face. Adrian then rims Aston's beautiful ass before fucking him doggy style over the bed. Aston then flips on his back and Adrian fucks him deeper until Aston shoots his load. Adrian then explodes with a massive amount of cum out his huge cock.