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Scene Description: No tests today only video games to help out the hand eye coordination. Dylan and Chad are in a head to head battle to see who is going to come out on top in the video game war. Once Dylan takes the win Chad rushes him and they begin to wrestle all over the bed. They are only wearing underwear so it's only right that once their cocks are rubbing up against each other from the wrestling that boners would appear. They both stop and look into each other's eyes in an awkward fashion and yet curious as to what will happen if they kiss. They slowly move in for the kiss and the rest takes its natural course. Slow and steady for these inexperienced young boys as they both try taking cock for their first time as well as suck cock. They take turns sucking and fucking feeling the sensation of having a throbbing cock in their mouth and ass. They love every minute of it they fully enjoy the slow intimate deep sex until they both cum and release the tension that was building during gameplay.