Bradley & Kellan

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Scene Description: Lying comfortable in his chair, Kellan Parker is enjoying some late night reading while stroking his long cock. Suddenly Bradley Hudson walks in and surprises him. He is turned on by Kellan and he lays next to him. Bradley tries to grab his cock but Kellan is nervous and he pulls away and makes Bradley watch him stroke his cock from afar. Kellan is beginning to like being watched and teasing Bradley. Things heat up when Bradley can't take this torture anymore and reaches for Kellan's cock and starts to firmly stroke it. Kellan has no other choice but to give in to the pleasure and places his hand on Bradley's cock. Before long both of these hot guys are stoking each others dicks until they get off. Kellan has now crossed over to the other side...or at least dipped his toes in the water of hot guy on guy sex! Will he be ready to jump in the water now?