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Scene Description: Brian Bonds is hanging out in the sex club and feeling a bit more dominate than usual when Sean Harding walks in. After eyeing each other for a bit and rubbing their cocks, Brian approaches Sean and pushes him down to his arm pits where he has Sean sniff all his musky scent. He then pushes him down to his crotch where he starts face fucking Sean's open mouth. He then has Sean rim his ass for a while before continuing to face fuck him and gag his throat. Brian then moves to Sean's ass and rims him deep with his tongue. Once his hole is nice and wet. Brian stands up and shoves his bare cock deep into Sean's eager hole. He climbs up on the cock and fucks him harder and harder. He then moves him over to the tire on the floor and sucks Sean's big cock for a while before he sits down on Sean's cock and rides him deep and bare. Once his hole is satisfied, he puts Sean on his back and starts fucking him again until Sean shoots his own load onto himself. Brian then has Sean drop to his knees and feeds him his thick load of cum. Enjoy!